A healthy and active lifestyle has always been very important to me

Hi, I’m Dasha! A healthy and active lifestyle has always been very important to me. Above all, I like to eat good quality, healthy and tasty food. So I started making my own products, and since people close to me liked them, I decided to offer them to the general public.

Soon after, the Fika brand was born and with it the first 100% natural nut spreads. Tasty Fika snacks and then crunchy granola soon followed.

100% natural products

The products are 100% natural and made with quality ingredients.

Made in Slovenia

Where possible, we use ingredients from Slovenian producers.

Free shipping

Make sure your order exceeds €50 and we'll give you delivery!

100% natural spreads to spice up your meals

Fika Nut Spreads are 100% natural. Peanut butter (creamy and crunchy), almond butter and cashew butter are available.

You can eat the spreads on bread, pancakes, add them to oatmeal, biscuits, custards, desserts, make salad dressings, add them to sauces or just eat them by the spoonful.

Fika snacks for quick hunger pangs anywhere, anytime

Fika snacks are 100% natural and made with quality ingredients – oatmeal, nuts and chocolate covered with no added sugar. They come in 3 flavours – raspberry, coconut and peanut.

Thanks to the convenient emaballage and bite-sized pieces, you can eat your Fika snack on the go, in the car, on a walk, in good company or at home when you’re simply running out of time.

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A perfect and healthy breakfast at home with Fika granola

Fika granola is insanely crunchy and full of flavour. You can choose between Forest Dream and Chocolate flavours.

Gozdne Sanje granola is made with oats, almonds, strawberry and raspberry pieces and white chocolate chunks with no added sugar.

Chokokos Granola is made with oats, coconut, cocoa and dark chocolate chunks with no added sugar. It is vegan.

Granola goes best with yoghurt, milk, vegetable drinks and smoothies.

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